Health Assist Tennessee

Health Assist is alive and well, as is our Language Services/Medical Interpreting departments. Like so many organizations in this time of change and budget cuts, our organization has evolved to remain successful. We are no longer a separate agency, but have been graciously housed and, very appropriately, adopted, by Family and Children’s Service. An agency whose very origin was based on counseling and adoption has adopted a counseling service.

Our work with helping the uninsured receive medical care, dental, vision and medications continues as it has in the past, as well as screening all callers for federal medical programs such as TennCare, QMB, and SLMB; and state programs such as Cover Kids and Access TN. We continue to help counsel Medicare recipients on Part D and other Medicare related issues, and give accurate summaries of available pre-existing plans. Our Language Services/Medical Interpretation continues to help providers and organizations when dealing with language barriers in any setting.

The one consistent thing we can count on is change itself. Our former agency changed it’s name in 2006 from TennCare Advocacy to Health Assist TN due to the ever evolving nature of our work and the needs of Tennesseans. We look forward to future changes and possible expansion with up-coming provisions of the Affordable Care Act, the existence of Health Care exchanges in 2014, and possible Medicaid expansion next year.

When calling Health Assist and our Language Services program you will hear familiar voices that you have spoken to for the past 11+ years. Our services have not changed and our staff continues to be the very people you have relied on for years for accurate, up-to-date information.
Our numbers continue to be:

Help Line Toll Free Local
English 1-800-269-4038 313-9972
Spanish 1-800-254-7568 227-7568
Kurdish/Arabic 1-877-652-3046 313-9840
Bosnian 1-877-652-3069 313-9382